After this tutorial, everyone will be able how to write in Latex? Writing in Latex is simple and easy. You just need to copy the code snippets from here and then start writing in the Latex editor. If you had not setup your Latex, then see the tutorial for the Latex installation. Now start writing in Latex the first document.

  • First, open the Latex editor (WinEdt or TexMaker) and open a new file. To open a new file, go to the file then click on new (File >> new) or press ctrl+N. The new document will open.
  • Start typing your document like
Start typing the document here 

The \documentclass{article} defines the type of the document. It is necessary to write a document class before every document. The text within the curly braces defines the type of the document. The class article is used for short reports or journal papers. The other classes are also used which are enlisted below

  1. The report and thesis classes are used for long documents and thesis, respectively.
  2. For Books and letters write a book or letter in the braces.
  3. To make slides use beamer.

Type the text and use other commands in between \begin{document} and \end{document} to set up the document. The Preambles are used before \begin{document} for other settings and effects.  Just copy the above code and paste it the editor and start typing your document

  • After typing the document, compile the document by clicking on compile or press shift+ctrl+ p. Then a PDF for the typeset document will be generated.

In a simple way, open a new document, start typing and generate the PDF.

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