What is Latex Package?

Latex packages are extra files which modify, edit or add some extra feature to your latex document. By default, there is no need for packages but in some cases, you might need to add some extra packages. Sometimes when the package is not installed on your system it shows the error and can not compile the document. In the meantime, the Latex needs some extra package installation.

Need of Latex packages

Before typesetting the document in Latex, you probably need to add equations, figures, images, etc. for that you will need some packages. These packages are used for different purposes. Each and every package have their own purpose.

Installation of Latex Packages

There is no complicated process to install Latex packages. You will only need to use \usepackage in the preamble of the document. The remaining things will be done automatically by the Latex. The following is the demo code of using packages.

\usepackage[package name]
    Your text ...........

Examples of Latex Packages

To add an image or a figure to the Latex document it will require to include the package which is \usepackage{graphicx}. The code snippet is given below.

Write your text here.
   \caption{Sample Image}


Error when not to use \usepackage

If an image or figure is inserted in the document without using this package it will show the following error.

Using and installation of Latex Latex packages

A lot of packages are available for the Latex. Which improve the structure and look of the documents.

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