Latex tutorial and how to use Latex

In this Latex tutorial for beginners as well for experts, you will learn how to use Latex, install and create your first Latex document? If you are reading this easy and simple Latex tutorial for the first time and not used Latex before it, you must be thinking that what is Latex? If you are expert, then see the advanced Latex tutorial given below that how to use Latex for advance typesetting the documents.

What is Latex?

Development of the Latex in 1978 for the purpose of manuscripts and papers writing was a good step by Donald Knuth. The Latex is used for typesetting the document in PDF format.  Everyone in the start is thinking that Latex is difficult to learn, but it is not, you just need a little time to start your first document by following this Latex tutorial. The Latex is easy and simple to learn. Before starting your first Latex tutorial, it needs to be explained why it is used most commonly. The Latex is the best tool for research and academic purpose, most of the research articles and papers are created by using Latex. Researchers always prefer Latex over Microsoft Word because of its advantages and good-looking PDF file generation. The most important thing is when you are typing in the Latex you do not need to concentrate on the formatting of the document, but you will concentrate on the writing. Because you do not need to consider how the document will look like after PDF generation? But the Latex set all the formatting automatically by using readymade templates.  Moreover, you need to just insert the code snippets for tables, figures, algorithms, etc. and simply type your data and figure name in the code snippets. Also, Latex adds automatically equation, pages, table, and theorem numbers and you do not need any other setting for these things which makes your work easier. A lot of templates are available, just you have to download one of them and start writing of your manuscript, thesis or paper.

The following is easy and basic example that how you will write. Just copy the following template and start typing your document.

Start typing here your document and run it to generate the PDF. Just copy and paste it. 

In this latex tutorial, you will learn how you will start typesetting your article, paper or thesis? If you have used Microsoft Word for typesetting your document, then you will able to work and typeset your document easily in Latex with no difficulty. 

Start learning the Latex tutorial by following easy guide.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Latex installation
  3. Write first document
  4. Latex packages
  5. Document structure
  6. Latex table
  7. Insert figures
  8. Insert bibliography
  9. Writing equations
  10. How to insert symbols
  11. Formatting text
  12. Insert Bullets (Lists)

In this lesson, you learned the basic Latex tutorial with step by step guide that how to use Latex. Your suggestion for Improving these Latex tutorials will be very helpful for me as well for the readers. If you are facing difficulties or any problems using Latex, you are warmly welcome to contact us.

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